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P-EBT Program
WC Community-
Similar, but much different to last spring, students may be eligible for Pandemic-EBT meal assistance cards.  To qualify your student must have been remote, virtual, or quarantined for an extended period of time through the course of the 2020-21 school year.  If you have a WC High School student, you may have already received your card and information for that student due to the state-wide period of time all high schools in the state of Michigan were ordered to go to remote learning just after Thanksgiving.  Attached are letters created by MDHHS for each building at White Cloud Public  Schools.  If you have questions to determine if your student is eligible, please contact 1-833-905-0028 or visit  If you feel that you may qualify, you must complete a "Reconsideration Form" found at  Let forms are not located at the school.

Ed CanningSuperintendent
White Cloud Public Schools 

Attachments Available To Download:
P-EBT Letters per building